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Student Metallurgical Microscope

Because of its ability to study objects with highly polished surfaces like metals, a metallurgical microscope is different from other microscopes. Due to the various possible applications of a metallurgical microscope, buying one would give you a multipurpose investment. The many metallurgical microscopes will allow them to explore different fields and broaden their knowledge with just one tool. The study of metals and alloys and more specifically metallography, the microscopic examination of metals and alloys, a metallurgical microscope, especially a high end one, is generally equipped to provide great help in other fields of materials science as well. Metallography is the study of metal and alloys. Metallurgical Microscope can help in knowing objects through its physical structure and properties. Metallography, in this art and science field, metal surfaces are prepared for microscopic analyses either by etching, polishing, or grinding the object in order to show its microstructure. Identifying properties and processing conditions of a metal or alloy sample with a metallographic analysis is what an expert in metallography can do.

Student Metallurgical Microscope



Monocular inclinable body having coarse and fine motion. Bright field horizontal illuminator with iris diaphragm and slots for dropping filter. Triple revolving nosepiece. Supplied with variable light control transformer and following optics in box.
Objectives :  M10x and M45x (SL)

Eye Piece :  WF 10x and H 15x
(a)  Complete as above with 'A' grade indian optics.
(b)  Complete as above with all optics having impoted lenses.

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*Micrometer Eye Piece
Fitted with 10mm scale in 100 parts

*Object Micrometer Slide
 1mm in 100 divisions(Imported)

*Filters :
Green, Yellow, Blue Day light blue in metal mount.

*100x oil immersion
Having imported lenses

*Filar Micrometer Eye Piece

*Grain Size Eye Piece
WF 10x with 8 grain chart for rapid comparison of microstructure.

*Beam Pocket Comparator
It is used for measurement of pitch of thread, radius and angles, surface finish and cracks after machining, forging, welding etc.

Used in general engineering, seed grain laboratories, electrical & electronics industries, textile industries, printing & block making industries, watch, Gem & Jewel industries.


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